I started painting late in life. 37 years old to be exact, when I moved to Los Angeles. I had no interest in painting nor had a paint brush or taken an art class in my entire life before that. 

Then, after painting my very first canvas in Los Angeles this was the brand I created for myself. $477.00 was a clear sign to me that I had arrived to the world of professional art. 

Since all of this occurred 20 plus year ago, someone one said, "Miss Gorham's paintings have a strong Picasso feel to them." As well as Coco Chanel and Andy's Warhol's unique simple style.

On June the 3rd, 2016 I was honored with an exhibit of my own. Costing $1,250.00 for my largest canvases. 

Someday I will go to my grave with a big smile on my face due to the great opportunity I was given of being able to express myself "late in life" with the gift of painting and creating art. I can now honestly believe in calling myself "an artist."

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. - Steven Jobs

An Evening with Actress & Artist Mel Gorham on June 3rd, 2016

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