MEL GORHAM 'S FiLmography



A short B&W Silent Film. Actress Mel Gorham takes us through an emotional roller coaster ride. Her Great Dane Isabella reacts to her distress & laughter. The title & soundtrack were inspired by the song No Regrets by the great Edith Piaf, recorded by Viki Ryan.


A documentary film based on the colorful life and loves of actress, comedienne, artist, and bon vivant Mel Gorham. Poignant, raw, revealing, and brutally honest stories of Mel’s journey from Miami to Broadway to Los Angeles and back. Emotional, funny, shocking, and sad stories will reveal the heartache behind the face of a clown, and tales of a childhood of clashing Cuban-Jewish cultures, bullying, feeling abandoned, and emotional and physical abuse will speak to the way those experiences affected her search for true love through five marriages and online dating. Mel narrates her autobiographical anecdotes, shares her promises of fame, and exposes the swift and harsh disappointments when these are taken away. Her story illustrates her transition into an older, wiser woman, and it illuminates her path to growth by embracing the laughter and tears as she finds forgiveness and empowerment—all culminating in her creation of a safe space for women to share their stories and help each other. Jerry Hinkle, still photographer, here in his film debut, captures Mel’s narrative in stark black-and-white, one take per tale, revealed in one day of a significant date. Cinematography and editing by Ralph Renick III, film student.

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