"and who makes the clown laugh?"
An Autobiography & Documentary Film

A documentary film based on the life and loves of Actress, Comedienne, Artist, Mel Gorham.

This is A Poignant, Raw & Revealing Story of An American Actress's difficult, yet gifted life & her memorable journey of A True Artists Perils. An Only Child born in Miami to a Cuban Catholic Mother and An American Jewish Father from Romanian decent. She boldly takes you through a journey from Miami to Broadway to Los Angeles & back.

Emotional, funny, shocking, and sad stories of how those experiences shape her current life and loves, dogs and feminine empowerment.

All as told to Jerry Hinkle in one take, in one day, captured in Stark Black & White.

Concept & Production: Mel Gorham
Director of Photography: Jerry Hinkle and Ralph Rennick III

Camera & Editing: Ralph Rennick III
Hair, Makeup,Set Design: Hillary Hinkle
Supporting Actress: Isabella The Great Dane
Soundtrack: Mel Gorham
"Send In The Clowns" performed by Mel Gorham

Ralph Rennick III Filmmaker & Editor

Ralph Rennick III
Filmmaker & Editor

Copyright 2016